Precision Machining


We provide expertise in high precision, custom machining of large scale castings.

Steel Fabrication

From customized pieces to complete commercial and industrial installations, get stainless steel fabrication by the best stainless steel fabricators in Dallas.

CNC Machine and Industrial Welding

The modern day manufacturing industry is all about precision and speed.
CNC machining not only increases your throughput of welders and fabricators but also results in a tremendous boost in product quality and consistency.


In AIP Machine Shop LLC

If you leave for tomorrow what you can do today, you will be telling the destination that you can leave tomorrow for the success it can give you today. And nobody knows if he will live the next day, so do not give yourself that luxury of leaving things for later.

Our clients are first

Your goal as a company is not to have only the best customer service, but to be legendary.

Being on par with price and quality only gets you into the game, the service is what makes you win.